NOTE: Dr. Behling is not currently accepting new clients, with openings not anticipated until early summer 2019 or later. If you are a former client of Dr. Behling and would like to schedule a time to check-in, please reach out via phone or email and he will get back to you soon.

Individuals or families interested in pursing therapy for themselves or someone else are encouraged to contact their insurance provider (if applicable) for a list of covered providers. Contacting some of the larger mental health agencies in the Seattle metropolitan area may also provide an opportunity for more immediate care, given that these clinics employ several clinicians. The agencies listed below are a great place to start.

Seattle Psychology (

Eastside Psychological Associates (

Cadence Child & Adolescent Therapy (

Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (

Thank you for taking a few moments to learn more about the process of beginning therapy at SeaPsych. The information below is designed to give you a sense of what to expect in your sessions with Dr. Behling, and how to establish initial contact with him to begin treatment.

During our first meeting I will gather a lot of information about you, your life experiences, your current struggles, and your goals for treatment. This will help me determine the most appropriate approach to treatment and whether I have the expertise to help you. I encourage you to ask questions of me during this time to make sure you feel I am the right person to help you. Your comfort and feeling of “fit” is very important. If either of us feel we are not a good fit, I will provide you with a referral to a provider who I think may be able to help.

Given that change is most likely to occur when there is consistent follow-up and problem solving, I typically meet with clients weekly or every other week until the situation or reason for seeking treatment has noticeably improved. I focus on interventions that are evidence-based, meaning that there is research showing that they work for specific problems, and I collaborate with my clients to develop a treatment plan that integrates these effective techniques with one's unique goals, preferences and strengths. While no therapist can guarantee the success of therapy, I find that goals are best achieved when the therapist and client are working together.

If you are interested in meeting with Dr. Behling to discuss your concerns and determine whether he would be a good fit for your needs, please complete the form below and press submit. 

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